A WOMAN lied to police and said her ex-boyfriend had raped her – when she had actually had a drunken threesome with two older men, a jury was told.

Lisa Yapp, aged 24, sparked a major police investigation when she turned up on a friend’s doorstep crying and saying she had been attacked in an alleyway on August 1, 2011.

She later named her ex-boyfriend Gavin Hockey as the probable attacker.

Yapp told police she was attacked when walking through an alleyway on her way home to Liverpool Road, Ronkswood.

“I felt his fist hit the back of my head and he pushed my back down,” she said.

“He grabbed hold of my hair and with his other hand he pulled my trousers down.”

She said she fought and screamed as the attacker then raped her, before pushing her to the floor and telling her: “I told you I’d get you for it”.

But Prosecutor Andrew Wilkins told the jury at Worcester Crown Court that her account was “probably a lie”.

Mr Hockey had been in Hereford on the night, and had been seen by friends and on CCTV.

The medical examination afterwards had found no evidence that she had been attacked, and friends' accounts and CCTV both showed she had left the pub with two older men she knew, in the opposite direction to the alleyway.

Yapp later changed her story slightly and told police she suffered from blackouts, but maintained she had been raped.

But Mr Wilkins said Yapp had in fact met Matthew Stevens and Terry Lippett in the Goodrest pub in Gillam Street and had gone back to Mr Stevens’ house for a threesome.

Mr Stevens told the court he had been joking with Yapp in the pub and the talk had become “sexual”.

Yapp had shown them pictures of her naked.

When they got to his home, they sat in the kitchen and Yapp showed them more photographs and told them how she had taken part in orgies before taking off her top and bra and pulling down her trousers.

Mr Stevens said he then had sexual intercourse with her over the kitchen work surface.

“I was a bit shocked,” he said.

“Afterwards, I thought, ‘that was a bit mad, I can’t believe that just happened’. I was a bit embarrassed, to be honest.”

He said they had all been fine afterwards and had all given each other high fives as she left.

Mr Lippett said he had “groped” Yapp but had stood back when the other two were having sex.

Andrew Wilkins, prosecuting, told the jury it was not known why Yapp had made the allegation but there was no evidence she had been attacked. 

Yapp denies one charge of perverting the course of justice.

The trial continues.