DESPITE the announcement of a £4 million government scheme to fund council tax rebates for flooded residents, it is unclear if people in Worcester will be eligible.

On Wednesday David Cameron said homeowners affected by flooding would be able to apply for council tax rebates averaging £350.

But a spokesman from Worcester City Council said the full details of the scheme had not yet been revealed.

However, he said the council had plans in place allowing anyone whose home is deemed uninhabitable was eligible for 100 per cent council tax exemption for up to 12 months.

“After the 2007 floods the government announced a three-month exemption, meaning people in Worcester could effectively be exempt from paying council tax for 15 months,” he said.

“They may do that again but we’re waiting to hear what the details are.”

The city council collects council tax on behalf of all the authorities which receive a portion of it including police, the fire service and the county council.

The Prime Minister announced the scheme on a visit to Pembrokshire and Somerset earlier this week, saying that recovering from the floods would be a “very long haul”.

“We will fund councils that give rebates to people whose homes have been flooded,” he tweeted.