AN INDEPENDENT film shot in Malvern will be premiered at Worcester's Marr's Bar tomorrow night (Thursday, March 13).

The Drinking Class is the first feature-length movie made by writer and director Jack Millard on a budget of £4,000.

Shot in just two weeks, the story is based on the director's own experiences growing up in the area. Set as a romantic comedy, it is at once a love song to his hometown as well as a journey into drunken oblivion.

Although most filmmakers go for a short film as their first project, Mr Millard said he didn't have it in his to write a short script.

He said: "The simple answer to why I made a feature film and not a short film is 'because I can'.

"Maybe it was over confidence, arrogance, or madness - but I have never wanted to make a short film.

"What's more, I always believed that I could make a low budget feature film and give it the quality and feel of budgeted feature if I planned and wrote the film with that goal in mind.

"I hope Drinking Class shows that I was correct in that belief. - time will tell."

Entry to the film night, hosted by Oliver Willis at Watch This Space, is free but bucket donations will be collected to raise cash for Malvern Hills Conservators. The film starts at 7pm at the venue in Pierpoint Street.