A WORCESTER pet store donated dog toys to the unwanted puppies of Worcestershire.

During the festive period, Kong - a company which makes rubber dog toys - said they would match every toy sold in Just For Pets stores throughout the UK up to 1,000. The company sold 2,500.

The 1,000 toys were then divided up between the stores across the country with the Just For Pets in Tallow Hill, Worcester, getting 77 to give to their charity, Ombersley-based P.U.P.S - Protection of Unwanted Puppies Society.

Mark Ross, store manager, said the store has supported the charity for 10 years.

"They're a really good local charity and we have bee supporting them for 1 year. We supply food and Shelia [who runs the charity] regularly shops with use so it is great to see her finding homes for unwanted puppies."

Shelia Tremellen looks after the unwanted puppies that get given to her to rehome herself before finding suitable permanent homes. She took two of her current puppies along - Sally and Snowy - to collect the donation from the store.

She said: "I am extremely grateful to the Kong manufacturers because they really are such wonderful toys and are totally indestructible. They are safe for me to give to puppies to play with - you haven't got to worry about eyes coming out or the puppies eating the stuffing.

"I want to thank Just For Pets for the continued support I get from them."

Of the white Staffordshire bull terrier puppies currently in Mrs Tremellen's care, only one, Snowy, has found a home and the other's are still looking for a new family.

For more information on these or other puppies, or to rehome a puppy, contact the Protection of Unwanted Puppies Society on 01905 620340.