THREE years of hard work by the Colwall Orchard Group culminated on Saturday with the planting of the final tree in the village's community garden.

The tree is a Stinking Bishop perry pear, one of the old Colwall varieties of pear, named after well-known local character and perry-lover Frederick Bishop.

The tree was planted by Bishop's great-grandson John Bishop, who still farms in the village.

He was joined by Dymock cheesemaker Charles Martell, who makes of Stinking Bishop cheese, which is washed in perry made from that variety, and has been made famous in the Wallace and Gromit films.

Helen Stace of the group said Frederick Bishop's nickname came allegedly not from his personal hygiene, but from his ripe language.

"We planted the tree with a slice of cheese and a libation of perry, and then retired to the Apple Packing shed for celebratory cheese, perry and cakes.

"We would like to record our thanks to all the many volunteers who have helped us to plant the orchard. It has been quite an undertaking, with nearly 300 trees in all.

"Thanks too to the many people who have sponsored a tree by dedicating one to their loved ones. Tree sponsorship costs £60 and we still have lots of trees of different sorts and varieties available to sponsor."

The trees include many varieties of apple, pear, quince and other fruits. It will be several years before the trees come into their full productive capacity.

Anyone interested can visit or call Mrs Stace on 01684 540569.