THERE was one last challenge for a scout leader set to meet her hero when she received the highest accolade a scout can achieve on Sunday.

After taking four years to complete the official challenges required to receive a Queen's Scout Award, Anna Humphries was given an unofficial challenge by the young people at 3rd Worcester Scout Troop in Rainbow Hill, Worcester.

Excited to hear that she would not only be inspected by the Duke of Kent at Windsor Castle but would also come face-to-face with her hero Chief Scout Bear Grylls, the youngsters dared her to grab a "selfie" with the adventurer.

Seizing the opportunity following Bear's speech to the assembled Scouts, the 25-year-old managed to ask him for a picture as he was set to leave and Bear was happy to oblige.

Miss Humphries, from Rainbow Hill, Worcester, said: "It was an absolutely amazing day.

"It was simply the best day of my life.

"The troop dared me to get a selfie with Bear but I told them I didn't know if I would be able to because there would be about 3,000 people there.

"We went into the castle and did a rehearsal in the morning and, as I was going through the entrance, we got put into a room and suddenly Bear Grylls came out.

"He's my hero and he gave a really nice speech and as he began to walk towards the exit I knew it was my chance so I asked if I could have a selfie.

"It was absolutely amazing."

The picture, along with a Bear's signature, will now take pride of place on the walls of the 3rd Worcester Scout hut, Rainbow Rise.

Miss Humphries was one of seven Hereford and Worcester County Scouts to receive the prestigious award.

She said: "I now hope to encourage more Scouts to go for the Queen's Scout Award because I know how inspiring it is and what an amazing experience it was."

Selfie was named the Oxford Dictionaries word of the year 2013 and involves taking a picture of yourself with a camera - usually a smartphone.