FOOTBALL fans from Worcestershire got more than just the joy of watching a match during the World Cup after they tricked Brazilian hotel security.

Andy Richardson, of Worcester, and two of his friends told the armed police they needed to use the toilets and were allowed in, where they took a host of pictures with the players carrying the hopes of a nation on their shoulders.

Alex Hill and Josh Pearce ,both of Worcester, were the other England fans who blagged their way into the hotel after Mr Richardson told the guards he could barely walk as he was already on crutches.

The 22 year-old former Christopher Whitehead High School student and Birmingham City fan said: "What a day.

"We were already in Brazil, and found out that the England team had just arrived in Rio, so we jumped out of bed and tried to find out where. We managed to find out it was a hotel called The Royal Tulip.

"It wasn't that easy getting there though, as a taxi driver we called first took us to a hotel called Royal Rio, and then took us to a second hotel called Golden Tulip.

"Finally, after a 25 minute drive, we arrived at the right hotel where they were staying".

Entry to the hotel wasn't as easy as they thought, however, as the group were then confronted with armed police, yet they remained undeterred.

Mr Richardson said: "We got out of the taxi, but we then saw armed police everywhere.

"We didn't know what to do at first, so we sat on the beach and sun bathed for three hours trying to think of a way in.

"Eventually, we all just thought; 'right, we're going in' and I had to lead the way. I hopped up to around 20 armed police officers and told them I needed the toilet and that I could hardly walk. They fell for the trick and finally we were in."

Not only did the brave fans get pictures with the A-list football stars, they also made themselves pretty comfortable in the hotel.

"As soon as we got in, we saw Roy Hodgson and got a photo with him.

"We stayed in the hotel for around three or four hours, and were lucky enough to get pictures with most of the squad. Not only that, we even had six beers at the bar and a club sandwich each too.

"It got even stranger afterwards. When we left the hotel, a load of Brazilian kids started shouting and screaming for us. I think they thought we were famous or something.

"They suddenly surrounded us and were wanting me to sign signatures and have photos with them. Maybe I'm famous over in Brazil and I don't even know" said Mr Richardson.

England start their campaign on Saturday, June 14, against Italy.