WORCESTER'S MP has revealed he is still getting letters from people trying to recover from flooding problems - four months after it hit the city.

Robin Walker says people around Diglis are still sending him correspondence from February's floods, which damaged 108 properties and 55 businesses.

The Conservative told your Worcester News Worcestershire still needs "investment in the right places" and is putting pressure on the likes of Severn Trent to increase its drainage capacity after that led to a lot of the problems.

He also said a critical MPs report on flood defences, which was published on our front page yesterday, shows there is still a way to go.

"We have had big spending on flood defences in Worcester like the riverside bund (in Hylton Road) which has been a big success," he said.

"That was a major flood investment which has paid off and we've got to continue to look at the highways now.

"So the report needs to be put into that context, when we had the winter floods although a number of properties were affected it wasn't anywhere near what it was like previously.

"But I am still getting casework to deal with in areas like Diglis, where the main issue was the sewage capacity and we need to put pressure on Severn Trent to create capacity in the system.

"The investments which we have had have been in the right places and that must be welcomed."

The report, from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee says flood defence maintenance is at a "bare minimum" level across the country and needs to be increased.

It also says scaling down dredging since 2010 has been a mistake, but in Worcestershire the Environment Agency has already said the watercourse is not suited to it and would hardly benefit.

Since 2010 Worcestershire County Council has spent £16 million on new flood defences and another £1.5 million is being added to the pot this year.

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin said: "It is easy to forget flooding issues when the sun is shining but it remains an ever-present threat in Worcestershire and I am pleased the Government is spending over £3 billion in this parliament to protect more and more homes.”