WHERE’S your bin been? That’s something that residents of a Warndon estate are regularly asking each other since the new bin stacking craze hit them.

So far bins belonging to people in Rodborough Close have been on trips out to Worcester races and HMP Hewell, as well as being given a treatment in a hot tub and run over by a moped.

And the joke doesn’t look like it’s ending any time soon.

It all started when Hailey Martin’s bin went missing and she posted a status on facebook looking for it.

“My bin went missing for three days. Then this all started and everyone got involved,” she said.

Since the long-running joke began, the people who live around a green in the close have been receiving picture and status updates via a facebook group, Rodborough... The Close That Never Sleeps!, about what their missing bins have been up to.

Miss Martin’s bin has been to the prison, out for a day with police, to a bus stop, bought a ticket at Bromsgrove train station and visiting her sister Sarah nearby.

Sheron Vernon’s bin has been on a few different activities being caught out playing swing ball, soaking in a hot tub, visiting her nearby grandchildren, and even getting its own motorbike compulsory basic training certificate to ride motorcycles, scooters and mopeds up to 125cc.

The most recent debacle happened yesterday when victims Miss Martin, Ms Vernon, Stacey Martin, and Tara Probert woke to find their bins congregated in the middle of the green taped together. There were both rubbish and recycling bins, some up standing and another taped on top.

The culprit? They are blaming Darren Collins and have nicknamed him Bin Man.

The neighbours have taken out revenge by etching “Bin Man” on to Mr Collins’ moped, which he used to run over a bin and record it before uploading it to the facebook page. They also plan to cover his windows in bin bags.

But since the first bit of payback, Mr Collins has said the bins will now suffer more and has threatened to paint Miss Probert’s bin bright pink.

Let’s hope no bins get hurt in the making of more pranks.