BATTLES were fought between long standing enemies this weekend at Spetchley Park in Worcester as the M5 Living History Show took place.

The Napoleonic War was reenacted alongside American Civil War battles and Second World War conflicts as history came to life all over the weekend.

Now in its eighth year the show has grown in popularity and is one of few multi-period reenactment events in the country.

Brian Bullock, one of the organisers, said there were around 870 reenactors from across the country and visitors from as far as Holland.

"I really enjoy doing it," said Mr Bullock, who was part of the French Napoleonic period. "Every second is a highlight because there is so much going on so it's hard to pick out a favourite moment.

"It's running to programme and we have happy reenactors and happy public."

During the weekend people reenacting live largely within the constraints of their period, camping on the site and enjoying traditional past times.

Antoon Jansen, of the Hood's Texas Brigade, is from the American Civil War period on the side of the confederacy.

He said he got into the past time after seeing bubble gum cards in the 60s.

"We come from all over the country and are here for the whole weekend," he said. "Everybody is like one big family here, and it's a lovely site as well.

"We did camp duties during the day, cleaning our muskets and performed drills. We had a battle as well.

"In the evening we play horse shoes and some of the Napoleonic's come over as well and we had a challenge.

"It's 1860 as far as we can see until we leave the site. This is a winter camp though, and you wouldn't have had this luxury as a fighting man. They walked further than the horses so they just dropped and slept under a blanket."

Another confederate reenactor was 83-year-old Rev Ron Moseley, from Sheffield.

He said: "This is a good event. It's multi-period. The Napoleonic period is the biggest this year. I took part in a battle yesterday, but I am not today. I am a confederate padre, I have been doing it for 30 years."

There were also members of the lower class on hand from the Ragged Victorians group, to remind the British of olden days.

Lee Thomas and his wife Lenny said the group was formed about a year ago.

He said it was a social event for them while Mrs Thomas said they enjoyed acting out what they discovered about the Victorians through their research.

Steve Scrannhee, is a German Paratrooper from the FJR 5 group, and said he enjoyed the multi period reenactment.

"This is the only one that we go to apart from in Kent," he said. "We are teaching history as well and how bad the Germans were. The kids love to see the weapons and they are very interested."