PARENTS brought in the New Year as they meant to go on – welcoming their newborns to the world on the first day of 2014.

Mia-Lilly Warner was the first of two baby girls born by lunchtime today at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

She arrived at 3am weighing 8lb 7ozs to proud new mum Shauna Thomas, of Worcester.

The 18-year-old’s daughter was born right on schedule after going into labour at 7pm on New Year’s Eve.

“It was a really good, but painful, way to bring in the New Year,” she laughed.

“It was so hard because she was born back to back so it was extra painful. I don’t know how they put up with me in the delivery room.”

Mia-Lilly was facing the opposite way with her face towards Miss Thomas’ spine meaning contractions caused spinal pain and the wider part of Mia-Lilly’s head had to come out first.

Louise-Mae Garbett was the second baby to be born in 2014 at the Worcester hospital, with 18-year-old mum Amy Jefferson being induced.

Miss Jefferson, who lives in Kidderminster, was called into the hospital because the scans of her daughter were showing slow development. Weighing in at just 2lbs and 15.5ozs, Louise-Mae was born six weeks early at 6.39am and taken to the special care unit.

“They were going to induce me today but they did it last night instead because they thought it might take her some time to come but when I went into labour she just kept coming,” she said.

Despite their concerns, 28-year-old new dad Ryan Garbett said he could not wait to start being a father.

He said: “It is amazing - it’s my first one so I can’t wait. I get to be a kid again and play with toys and learn to swim – I don’t know how to swim so I’ll get to learn and teach my kid to as well.”

Midwife and delivery suite co-ordinator Gaynor Fowler said the baby was doing well. Two more deliveries were expected to arrive by tonight.