WHEN her knee gave way on a walking holiday in the summer of 2012 Worcestershire grandmother Christine Foster thought her hiking days were over.

But eight months after having a total knee replacement at BMI’s Droitwich hospital, the 67-year-old was able to strap on her hiking boots again with a holiday in Spain’s mountainous Andalucia region.

Although she tried to soldier on after suffering the injury, in April last month it became too much to bear and she met with orthopaedic consultant Keshav Mathur, who convinced her a knee replacement would greatly improve her quality of life.

“I cannot begin to tell you how great it was to be able to walk pain free and without the aid of a stick,” she said.

“At Christmas I even danced for the first time since my injury – something I doubted I would ever do again.”

Now the keen walker from Dodford, near Bromsgrove, is advising other people with knee problems to see their doctor as soon as possible.

“There really isn’t any need to suffer the constant pain, the sleepless nights and the regular diet of painkillers,” she said. “Whatever your age, if your knees are preventing you from doing the things you want then look at having replacements.

“After months of being immobile I am now doing the things I love once again – I’m even back out on the golf course.”

Mr Mathur said modern technology allowed for a great deal of accuracy in designing and fitting replacement knees, which in turn results in less pain and a quicker period of rehabilitation.

“Christine, like many other people of her age, went from being fit and active to almost immobile because of a knee injury,” he said.

“I’m pleased to see she has her walking boots back on and I hope other sufferers will follow her example and look into the possibility of replacements.”