THERE was a variety of handmade goodies on offer at Worcester's Guildhall when it held a craft fair on Saturday.

Everything from one off items of jewellery were on sale for those in search of a Valentine's present to some unique paintings and glass goods.

Cathryn Yeomans, a 20-year-old psychology student from Worcester University, had a stall at the event for the first time selling her oil portraits and commissioning new projects.

She said: "This is the first time I have ever done a fair at all. I paint portraits in oils and I have been doing it for about two years."

Also selling his wares in the Guildhall for the first time was Mike Swallow from Warwick, who creates cheese boards and chopping boards out of wood.

"They are all hand made," he said. " It's not my day job, I am a surveyor, but I am lucky to have a hobby that keeps me out of trouble at the weekends.

"I have been working with wood since I was about five, when I followed my dad around the workshop. But I have only been selling them for about three years.

"All the cheeseboards have small mice on them, as if they are after the cheese."

To find out more about either of the two vendors visit or email Mike on