A CHAIN reaction of kindness was started in a Worcester vintage shop when a woman decided to present the store with flowers and vouchers for other customers.

Jo Bourke was working at Second Hand Rose in Worcester's Hop Market on Thursday when a lady, known only as Lisa, entered the store with a huge bunch of flowers.

Initially she bought five vouchers each worth £5 and put them into cards in what she called a random act of kindness.

But after she'd sealed the envelopes she handed them and the flowers over to a stunned Mrs Bourke and told her to hand them out randomly to shoppers, adding that she was doing this because Second Hand Rose was her favourite independent shop.

She said: "It was such a pleasant surprise but it was completely unexpected and lovely. Another lady was in the shop at the time and she thought it was marvellous so I gave her a voucher.

"She spent the voucher there and then, she was really chuffed. Another lady that I gave it to decided to hand hers to someone else to carry it on.

"It's like a chain reaction of kindness. I imagine the lady wants to remain anonymous but it's such a lovely thing to do we wanted to share the story."

Owner of the store Clare Bridge said she was pleased the lady regarded the store so highly.

She said: "It's a really nice thing to be someone's favourite shop. It makes you feel supported by the public."