A RUNNER is in training for this year's London Marathon - even though doctors told him six months ago he should never run again.

Arthur Lockyear, aged 36, of Colwall, was struck down with deep vein thrombosis last September after taking part in the Great North Run, but he is determined to complete the marathon on Sunday, April 13.

And he also hopes to raise £5,000 for the Brain Tumour Charity, in memory of Jon Brookes, drummer of his favourite group, the Charlatans.

Mr Lockyear's troubles began when he woke up one day soon after the Great North Run to find his leg swollen. He was rushed to hospital and treated for deep vein thrombosis, but was left housebound and unable to walk for several weeks.

"The doctors suggested that it would be a good idea if I never rode a bike or went running again," said Mr Lockyear, a keen member of Malvern Joggers.

But the very first letter he received on coming out of hospital was his acceptance in the marathon, and he was determined to take part.

"I started going out walking in December and started some light running in January, and I've also been doing gym work and a lot of swimming.

"I'm doing the Liverpool half-marathon this weekend. Normally I'd expect to complete that in under two hours, so anything under three will be great. But with the marathon, completing it is the main thing, just to show I can do it."

And his efforts have been endorsed by Charlatans singer Tim Burgess, who tweeted: "Great to have you on the team Arthur, and what a touching idea to run in memory of Jon. Good luck with your training."

The Charlatans formed in the late 1980s and had their biggest successes in the 1990s. All their 11 albums have been UK top 40 hits and they have had four Top Ten singles: The Only One I Know, One to Another, North Country Boy"and How High.

Since Jon Brookes's death in 2010, the band have become patrons of the Brain Tumour Charity.

Mr Lockyear can be supported at justgiving.com/Arthur26 or by texting Arty69 £5 to 70070.