NO sooner have they recorded their first victory of the season, Worcester Warriors are now looking to light up the Premiership in a different way.

A new goal line technology development in rugby could provide the answer to deciding when a potential try has been scored or when the ball passes between the posts.

After extensive research and development, the rugby side have been given permission to introduce rugby post technology in which the top of the posts light up green when the ball is kicked over the crossbar and between the posts.

This development is the brainchild of Warriors commercial partners E-Lites who have invested a significant sum of money into this crowd-pleasing development.

The method is simple and similar to the system currently employed in cricket. Over 100 tiny cameras will be placed along the crossbar and up the posts to record the moment the ball goes over the try line or between the posts. Once the ball passes by the cameras, an electrical recorder sends a signal to a lighting box which will automatically illuminate the top of the posts in green, providing a clear signal to players, fans, and the referee.

In order to increase the exciting visual affect of the posts lighting up, Warriors are investigating the possibility of changing all their Saturday matches to a Friday evening so supporters can enjoy watching the posts light up throughout the match.

If successful, it is hoped that this fantastic new development could not only be used throughout the world of rugby, but also in football and other sports where goal line technology is so critical.

Trevor Field, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, E-Lites, points out; “The rugby posts are exactly the same shape as our e-cigarettes. This allows us branding opportunities from the ground up so the posts will all look like giant E-Lites. A green light will appear at the top of the post which will replicate a fully functioning E-Lite.

Field added: "Clearly we have a long way to go before this exciting new idea is fully endorsed. Should this prove successful, we then hope to expand the idea so that not only do the top of the posts light up when Warriors points are scored, but also water vapour will be released at the foot of the posts which will give supporters an all-round e-cigarette experience.”