CONFUSING diversion signs have been giving drivers mixed messages as they try to navigate the maze of city centre roadworks in Worcester.

A yellow diversion sign in Castle Street pointed into Love’s Grove, taking drivers in the direction of Moor Street and Britannia Square.

But a further, contradictory diversion sign at the junction of Britannia Road points in the opposite direction, back to Castle Street, leaving some drivers dizzy.

Meanwhile, permanent ‘no entry’ signs at the end of Britannia Square, near the junction of Hebb Street, prohibit people cutting through to the A38, while temporary ‘no entry’ signs at Britannia Road also prevent access to the main A38 (The Tything), creating a dead end for drivers.

However, you can drive in the opposite direction from the A38 into Britannia Road.

One motorist, who declined to be named, said the diversion signs in Castle Street seemed to point drivers towards the ‘no entry’ signs in Britannia Square near the junction of Hebb Street, where police have fined more than 100 drivers for illegally using the cut-through, imposing £90 fines and three penalty points for every motorist who breaks the rules.

PC Alex Denny, who has been enforcing the no entry in Britannia Square, said it was clear there was no access to the main A38 from the Britannia Square/Love’s Grove direction.

He said drivers should use Castle Street and The Tything, where there are now four-way temporary lights while a collapsed sewer is repaired. “I don’t believe they’re paying enough attention,” he said. “The no entry signs are clear.”

However, he acknowledged that highways signs warning drivers there was no access to the A38 had been removed and told your Worcester News he would ask for them to be reinstalled at the bottom of Severn Terrace and Love’s Grove.

Signs are also scheduled to arrive today warning drivers of the penalties of ignoring no entry signs.

Further adding to the confusion, a sign in Croft Road warns motorists that Severn Terrace is closed, although it is now open.

The driver said: “There’s nothing to say to drivers ‘don’t go into Britannia Square’. You can go along Severn Terrace, past the Swan Theatre and get into Britannia Square that way.

“I don’t feel sorry for the people who rat-run through Hebb Street (through the no entry sign) but I do feel sorry for the people who think they can get through because there is nothing saying ‘no exit’ from Britannia Square.”

Adding to the problem was the four-way control temporary traffic lights on the A38, The Tything, at the junction of Britannia Road yesterday as works continued to repair a collapsed sewer.

In a statement released last night a Worcestershire County Council spokesman said: "The management of the signs is down to Severn Trent Water as the main contractor. However, Worcestershire County Council can confirm that it has asked Severn Trent Water to arrange for their traffic management company to check all the signing and put up 'No through road to The Tything ' signs at the junction of Castle Street and Loves Grove."