YOU might need an umbrella if you are out and about over the Easter weekend as Worcestershire is set for sunshine and showers.

It will be a Bank Holiday weekend of two halves in the county as dry sunny spells make way for showers on Sunday and Monday.

But Paul Michaelwaite, of based in Pershore, said temperatures will be well above average for this time of year and could hit highs of 16 to 18C on Easter Sunday.

"Today (Friday) there will be some good sunny spells with temperatures between 13C and 15C," he said. "On Saturday there could be a touch of frost overnight and the outside chance of a shower.

"Temperatures will be between 13C to 15C and some good spells of sunshine but more cloud building during the day."

But he warned Sunday would see the start of more showery weather for the county with Sunday starting out cloudy with a risk of rain, some of which could be heavy and thundery.

"It may just scatter further south of our region in which case it could be cloudy but warm with temperatures 16C to 18C," he said.

"It's a really good start to the weekend which could go down hill. I think we will be really lucky if we escape the rain altogether.

"Monday will have a chance of showers but sunny spells in between with temperatures of 15C to 17C.

"It could be a lot worse as Bank Holidays go. We're well above average for the time of year."