IT looks like a palace fit for a king - as these images show what Councillor Allah Ditta's Worcester property development SHOULD be looking like.

With six bedrooms, two lounges, two main halls, a swimming pool, jacuzzi and even a sauna it appears a true paradise.

It's a far cry from the state of 66 Timberdine Avenue today, which stands a crumbling wreck after Worcester City Council threatened to demolish it due to April's building work making it temporarily unsafe.

The drawings, which have no name attached to them, were approved by the council's planning committee one year ago, aimed at converting the elegant three-bed house in Battenhall into a mini mansion.

The release of the pictures came as Cllr Ditta claimed the property was "falling down anyway" and insisted the story has only hit the headlines due to pre-election mischief making.

Yet another resident came forward to slam the current state of the house yesterday - saying drivers heading down Timberdine Avenue keep on stopping to stare at its condition.

As your Worcester News first revealed on Wednesday, the property is owned by Cllr Ditta's daughter Parlen Akhtar, but the former city mayor has been spotted working on it himself and is considered the developer by the council.

In the last year, since planning permission was granted the council has already got one court order forcing him to make it safe after the foundations became dangerously overloaded, and only last month threatened to demolish the entire building unless he took immediate action to secure it.

A supporting wall, the roof and entire back of the house has been torn down to make it safe.

Cllr Ditta said: "Obviously it's a building site and when it's a construction site it's not going to look pretty.

"That's the whole idea. It was falling down anyway, which is why it had to be underpinned."

Ken Tolley, 77, who lives two doors down from the house, said: "He’s tried to double the size of the house but it has turned into a complete disaster.

"He’s torn the roof down, demolished walls all the way up and it looks like a bomb has hit it.

"Now it is just a couple of brick walls - it is a complete mess.

"Cars slow down to stare when they drive down the street because it looks so bad.

"Now it is just a horrible eyesore sitting on the street - something needs to be done with it."

The planning permission granted last year was for a two-storey front and back extension, a lower ground floor and a side and back balcony The city council says enforcement experts are keeping a close watch on it.