HEAVY rain could not stop children enjoying taking part in maypole celebrations to mark their school's 151st birthday.

Youngsters from Broadwas CE Primary School, near Worcester, donned their ribbons and dancing shoes as they celebrated May Day with a colourful maypole performance despite the rainy weather.

The rural Church of England school invited pupils’ family and friends as well as people living in the village to attend the event and enjoy the merry-making dances the children had learned for May Day (Thursday, May 1).

Headteacher Mark Allen said: “Despite the rain, some of the children were able to perform their dances and they’ve all had great fun learning the traditional dances.”

The schools new maypole has been donated by charity Broadwas Relief in Need and has been used to teach pupils about the history of the maypole dance which is still an important tradition in many villages.