WORCESTER is being noticed on the national dance music stage thanks to a new wave of raves hitting the city.

House music production company, Pro-ject Events UK, are behind the movement, aiming to make Worcester one of the hotspots for intimate raves throughout the UK.

Saturday, April 26, saw the launch of the first of a series of House music events- titled Worcester Warehouse Part One- and has been hailed as a success.

James Newman, manager of Pro-ject Events UK, said: "The night was the biggest dance event ever to come to Worcester and it was a massive success.

"For a city the size of Worcester to be competing with the rest of the UK in House music has never happened before. It's something completely new and different, and a very exciting time for this city.

"We had huge production values, we use the most advanced sound systems in the world, and renowned act Cause & AffectUK headlined the event.

"We want to thank everyone who came. The event was completely sold out and we have never seen such a buzzing crowd. The atmosphere was absolutely unreal.

"We hope to carry it on and take Worcester to a never seen before level as a major place for music events. We are thankful to, and salute everyone single person that attended."

The music event, which took place at Crystal Warehouse in City Walls Road, was equipped with a licensed bar, trained staff and even had the support of Worcester City Council and West Mercia Police.

Tickets are now on sale for the next House event, titled Worcester Warehouse Part Two, which is scheduled to go ahead on Saturday, June 28 also at Crystal Warehouse.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit projecteventsuk.com