A YEAR of campaigning has come to an end as work to improve the main Worcester city centre Bridge, branded ‘an embarrassment’, is set to begin.

County councillor Richard Udall, who represent St John’s, Worcester, has campaigned for Worcestershire County Council to replace the footpaths at the bridge, which he said were in poor condition.

Now it has been announced the existing paving slabs will be replaced with heritage stone and kerbs to match the existing footpaths adjacent to the bridge.

Cllr Udall said: “This is great news. Many St John’s residents have complained to me about the poor condition of these footpaths, they are in desperate need of replacement. It will make the bridge an attractive place for residents and tourists alike.

“It is a wonderful location to view both the river and the cathedral, residents will no longer be distracted by the disgraceful condition of the footpath. I am so pleased that the new footpath will be in place before the summer and will allow visitors to enjoy our riverside walks.

“The poor quality of the footpaths on the bridge will now cease to be an embarrassment to the city”

Work on the bridge is set to begin on Monday, May 12, and will take place between 7pm and 6am. During these times one of the lanes on each side of the bridge will be closed and slabs and other materials will be cut off site to reduce noise disturbance.

Materials will be moved each morning and the lanes re-opened in time for the morning commute.

Residents and traders will be kept informed of progress and disruption is aimed to be kept to a minimum. and The work will not take place during cricket matches or horse racing nights, said Cllr John Smith, cabinet member for highways.

“The county council is working hard to ensure the reconstruction works have little impact on both pedestrians and motorists who use the Worcester Bridge,” he said.

“We are conscious of the safety requirements of all staff carrying out the works and as such there may be a little disruption to accommodate this.

“The planned works are being carried out due to damage caused by traffic. The county council is eager to restore the Worcester monument to its full glory.”

A spokesman for the authority confirmed the work is expected to take around four weeks to complete.