AN American-style diner in Worcester wants to extend into a late-night venue - by opening until 12.30 in the morning.

Detroit's, based at Jaguar House in Castle Street, is looking to expand its business by offering late-night entertainment.

Bosses of the popular restaurant have applied to Worcester City Council for permission to sell alcohol until midnight and stay open for an extra half hour beyond that to pull in more punters.

But your Worcester News can reveal how the move has already ran into opposition, with residents in nearby Severn Terrace and two councillors asking for it to be rejected.

At the moment the restaurant, which opened to much fanfare in 2011, closes at 9.30pm at the latest.

Owner Steve Castledine also wants to change an existing condition so customers can stay on the outside terrace until midnight.

The later opening hours has been out for consultation and after objections from councillors Lynn Denham and Jabba Riaz, backed by residents, a special meeting will now need to be staged to decide its fate.

Resident Max Nightingale, who lives in Severn Terrace, said: "We all like Worcester being alive, commercial and busy but there's places in the city centre which can accommodate this sort of thing very well.

"Once it opened up as a restaurant it has felt like we've got this perpetual barbecue smell all the time.

"The chap who lives next door must feel like he's having a hamburger every night."

Councillor Riaz said: "The restaurant sits right on the edge of a Conservation Area and there's residents very close by.

"If the hours are extended there's a risk of further noise and disturbance."

Both councillors have drafted a letter to the council's licensing team, saying the diner sits in a designated 'no alcohol zone'.

Mr Castledine was unavailable to comment but a member of staff at Detroit's said the intention was to expand the business's reach.

The diner, which overlooks Worcester Racecourse, offers authentic, typically over-sized American food and harks back to the 1950s, with themed decor inside.

A meeting of the city council's licensing sub-committee will now be arranged where a panel of councillors will be tasked with making a decision.