WORCESTERSHIRE'S Liberal Democrats were left smarting after the party's worst Euro election results in 25 years led to a near-wipe out.

After finishing fifth across the country, a result mirrored in Worcester, it lost 11 of its 12 MEPs to leave leader Nick Clegg facing calls to resign.

The torrid outcome follows Thursday's local election results, where in Worcester it lost the one seat it was defending, in Claines, to the Conservatives, Councillor Liz Smith, the one remaining Lib Dem on the city council, said: "It is what I expected.

"It's such a shame as we wanted to hang on o Phil Bennion, he is very capable.

"I do think we are being squeezed, that's what happens when you are the junior partner in a Coalition and our European message isn't a popular one.

"I don't agree at all with UKIP's stance on Europe but that is their one message.

"I think it's wrong but as a result of their one message people won't vote for us."

One Lib Dem MP yesterday urged Mr Clegg to quit, saying he should be replaced by Vince Cable.

John Pugh said it was "ludicrous" to carry on as usual, saying the results were "undeserved but abysmal".