A SOCIAL worker, recently voted Children's Social Worker of the Year, has been invited to the Queen's garden.

Amanda Beaufoy, who will be taking her husband, was invited to the Queen's Garden Party by the Department of Education following her award.

Mrs Beaufoy said: "I'm really flattered and honoured to be invited to the Queen's Garden Party. It will be great to be allowed to go through the gates and explore the gardens at Buckingham Palace.

"I've already got my dress but I do have to buy a hat. It's going to be the first time I've ever worn one."

Mrs Beaufoy covers the Bewdley area, and was named winner of the award at a London ceremony in November last year, for achieving outstanding results with the children she works with, despite being deaf herself.

Jill Stephenson, Principal Social Worker at Worcestershire County Council, said: “Amanda has proven to be an outstanding social worker. I am delighted she has been given this great honour which is so well deserved.”

She is set to attend the palaces on Tuesday, June 10.