HOPES of building a new stadium for Worcester City FC in Perdiswell have taken a blow - with more than 82 per cent of nearby residents saying they opposing the plan in a new survey.

More than 1,000 people have taken part in the major survey about the future of Worcester City, - with 82 per cent saying they don’t want a new stadium at Perdiswell.

The Protect Perdiswell Park (PPP) protest group conducted has just completed a poll of the 24 streets immediately surrounding Perdiswell Park.

It found that just 13 per cent were in favour, while Of the survey, 82 per cent were opposed to the plan and five per cent didn’t know, with the rest in favour.

The feedback is a crushing blow to the club’s supporters’ trust, which is trying to win the support of the local community over the £2.1 million ground, which is due to be examined by Worcester City Council this autumn.

Opposition from more than 800 nearby households focuses on the loss of the green fields, as well as concerns about traffic implications.

The trust, which has already submitted a planning application for a 4,100-capacity ground in a bid to end the club’s exile bring the club home from its temporary base in Kidderminster, says it will is determined to have an “open dialogue” with residents.

Jason Marshall, from PPP Protect Perdiswell Park, said: “We did not put our petition sheets online, nor have we used any data selectively.

“We have not simply sought as many signatures as possible from people, anywhere.

“As a result of this extensive local door knocking, awareness raising and debate, we can report that 82 per cent of people are at this point opposed to the stadium being built on Perdiswell Park at all.

“The group does not claim to be independent in these efforts, of course we are motivated by our opposition to building on the park and have never tried to disguise this.

“We are not anti-football, we simply want to see an important green and open space protected for the benefit of its the wide variety of current users.

“The great majority believe that Perdiswell as a location is simply the wrong location; the impact on the community and loss of park land are unacceptable and we will fight it to see this plan stopped.”

The supporter’s trust says it is confident some of the objections can be turned around.

Secretary Rob Crean said: “Once the application is in the public domain, we will welcome an open dialogue,” said secretary Rob Crean.

“I am confident some of the questions and concerns will be answered in the application.”

He said a series of surveys have been commissioned to build support for the bid.

The plans will include a main 500-seat stand, a standing terrace, 3G pitch, three full-size grass pitches, two nine aside fields, conference and classroom facilities.