MOVE over Baddiel and Skinner and make way for a new "singer" who will surely ruffle a few feathers with his rendition of a famous football anthem.

Slipmatt, an African grey parrot, will have football fans in a flap when they hear him squawk the theme from The Great Escape especially for the England team over in Brazil.

The nine-year-old patriotic parrot also shouts "England" and cheers on his favourite player with shouts of "Come on Rooney".

Owner Fran Sheridan, from Foley Road, St John's said the bird even sat happily on its perch to watch the Three Lions' game against Italy on Saturday night.

"It was my son Reilly's idea.

"Slipmatt can sing songs like Mr Bojangles and the theme tunes to Superman and The A Team so Reilly said "Why don't we teach him a song for the World Cup?"

"It's taken us about a month to get him to do it.

upporter Fran Sheridan with his African Grey parrot  'Slipmat' who can sing the theme tune from The Great Escape. He can aslo say "England!" and "Come on Ro

"But to be honest he is a very clever bird, when I bought him as a baby the breeder said he wouldn't start talking until her was eight or nine months old.

"She gave me a call three months later and couldn't believe she could hear him talking away in the background.

"She was amazed."

When the 42-year-old DJ grabs his keys to leave the house, Slipmatt will say "See you later" and greets six-year-old Reilly when he returns from Cherry Orchard Primary School.

Already over 200 people have seen a clip of the parrot singing which Mr Sheridan has posted on You Tube.

However, Mr Sheridan was not too impressed with Slipmatt's singing following the 2-1 result.

"It didn't really help when he was squawking The Great Escape all day after we lost though."

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