A PROPOSAL for a joint chief executive for Malvern Hills and Wychavon district councils is being railroaded through, says one leading councillor.

The proposal is coming up before Malvern Hills District Council in Tuesday, June 24, when members are being asked to approve it, starting from October this year.

The report, from David Hughes and Paul Middlebrough, the leaders of Malvern Hills and Wychavon, says there is a "strong business case" for a shared chief executive, which they say say will save at least £60,000 annually.

But cllr Julian Roskams, who leads the independent Democratic group on MHDC, says the move will lead to a loss of jobs and democratic accountability.

He said: "I'm disturbed by the way that it's being pushed through without proper consideration of the alternatives. The government is railroading this through, and we have not been given a proper chance to consider this proposal against possible alternatives. It's what happened over the introduction of wheelie bins and it's happening again

"I fear it will lead to loss of jobs in Malvern, and Malvern will become a hub or outpost, controlled from Wychavon . What will happen if Malvern Hills and Wychavon are controlled by different political parties?"

However, the leaders' report says there is a "long and successful record" of the two councils sharing services.

"Each council will continue to exercise their right to set and deliver its own agenda," says the report. "The sharing of a chief executive/managing director would not jeopardise this position but where there is agreement to a common agenda, sharing would offer the potential for a more efficient and effective delivery of that agenda."