SO touchy! Twenty things about Worcester that bother fans of our Facebook page (based on this story):

  1. Being hassled for money by charity collectors
  2. Wind in the Shambles
  3. Whittington roundabout
  4. Alan Amos
  5. Seagulls
  6. The house in Rainbow Hill that has rust on the front gate
  7. The people with shops standing outside and stopping people getting past
  8. Rude taxi drivers
  9. An empty crisp packet in the High Street
  10. That building in front of Shrub Hill railway station
  11. Minging crackheads
  12. Lollipop ladies
  13. That upside-down eggbox
  14. Too many people with clipboards
  15. Students
  16. Lowesmoor
  17. Litter
  18. Dog poo
  19. The local paper (how rude!)
  20. Man walking past Asda with jeans on that had a hole in the knee


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