A RAFT of performance data on Worcester City Council has been published - with politicians describing it as a "real curate's egg" of results.

It includes:

- The tally of people "prevented" from becoming homeless after council intervention increased by 10, to 588

- 57 per cent of phone calls to the council's public contact centre were answered within 20 seconds, this is up from 53 per cent last year but below the target of 75 per cent

- 36 per cent of household waste was recycled, which was exactly the same

- 82 per cent of graffiti was removed within 28 days, up seven per cent on the previous year

- The average amount of time a homeless person spends in bed and breakfast accommodation was 3.3 weeks, compared to four weeks in 2012/13

- 38,014 people were involved in sport, art or play because of help from the council, a drop of 7,000 on the previous year

- Eleven businesses were given start-up grants in 2013/14, down by three

The results, which also cover areas like staffing performance and in-house saving targets, are contained in a 23-page report which went to the new Conservative cabinet.

Councillor Marc Bayliss, deputy leader and cabinet member for economic prosperity, said: "It's very much a curate's egg in terms of performance - there are areas where we have improved but also areas where it's significantly reduced.

"One I'm worried about is the affordable housing completions, down from 117 to 76, below the council's own target of 80.

"That's worrying, and to balance that out the average length of stay in B&B accommodation is down from four weeks to 3.3 weeks."

Speaking during a cabinet meeting, he said the leadership would aim to focus on many areas which have dropped off, such as the business booster grant reduction.

His criticism led to disagreements with the old Labour administration, which lost control earlier this month.

Labour Councillor Geoff Williams, the former deputy leader, said: "I've always thought affordable housing is not a real target as it depends on somebody else (the developers).

"It's missed the council's target by just four, and (in the report) it says a number of specific schemes are in the pipeline."