SEVERN Trent Water is reminding people of the dangers of swimming in reservoirs this summer.

The reminder follows the drowning of a 17-year-old boy in a reservoir in Lancashire last weekend.

The warning states that due to the cold water and uneven depth of reservoirs, even the best swimmers can get in to difficulty.

Katy Shaw, Severn Trent’s visitor sites manager, said: “We feel like we go on about this all the time, but it’s so important not to swim in a reservoir. We’re not saying it to be awkward - you really are taking your life into your own hands if you go in. Even if we’re basking in 30 degrees sunshine, you can guarantee that the water in that reservoir will be freezing and you’ll get hypothermia before you know it.

“Not only that, the floor of reservoirs are uneven and a depth of a few feet can quickly turn into a few hundred feet. Please don't think you’re different, everyone is risking their life if they go in for a swim.”