A WORCRESTER actor turned baker showed off his prize buns on The One Show, leaving celebrities lost for words as they tucked into what could be "the world's best burger".

Actor John Barrowman and English broadcaster, TV critic was a big fan and columnist Caitlin Moran could not get enough of the "Beefy Boys" burger on The One Show on BBC One on Wednesday night.

The burger is made by Herefordshire barbecuers, The Beefy Boys, who hope their culinary creation will be crowned the world's best burger at the World Food Championship in Las Vegas in November after they won best burger at Grillstock in Bristol.

But the brioche buns, praised by show host Matt Baker for their sweetness which helped to make the "wonderful burger", were made by Ma Baker's based in Cranham Drive, Warndon, Worcester.

The business is owned by 39-year-old Sam Barriscale, an actor who has made his name in shows including EastEnders, Casualty, Holby City, Doctors, the Bill and the Archers. He is still involved in acting but is also developing his business which employs craft bakers Andrew Roberts and David Lynch.

On the show The Beefy Boys give a mention to Ma Bakers in Worcester which supplies the buns for their burgers.

The Beefy Boys introduce themselves on the show to which John Barrowman replies "I like the sounds of that" before tucking into one of the burgers. Caitlin Moran also enjoys it and says '"It's so good."

Mr Barriscale of St Peter's, Worcester, said: "I said (to The Beefy Boy) if you do mention us, that would be amazing but then there was this huge plug - I wasn't expecting that."

When he produced the buns for them he thought it was part of the normal order, not realising they would be tasted by the stars on the One Show. He said: "Even if we don't get more orders, I know I'm making good stuff. It's the world's best burger and it's our bun."

Anthony Murphy, known as 'Murph', joint owner of The Beefy Boys appeared on the show and described the experience as "pretty mad".

Murph and others have been working for three years on developing the burger's flavours, considering every aspect of it important in the final product. He said: "We wanted to make the best burger we possibly could and Ma Bakers is the best bakers we have been able to find."

Ma Bakers began in 1966, started by Mr Barriscale's parents before he took over in 2012, working to modernise the business and to develop the wholesale side of the business, delivering The Beefy Boys in Hereford and The Firefly in Lowesmoor where the head chef Stewart Bulman uses the brioche baps and brioche baguettes to make artisan hot dogs and artisan burgers.