THE Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia is encouraging people to come forward to join a new Trust, Integrity and Ethics Committee.

West Mercia Police and Warwickshire Police have set up the committee to ensure police officers and staff act fairly and justly.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Bill Longmore, said: “The majority of officers serve with professionalism, making an enormous contribution to keeping us safe.

“However, I will not become complacent. Increasing public confidence in the police and the criminal justice system is a key priority within my Police and Crime Plan, therefore I am committed to transparent, ethical policing in West Mercia.

"We are looking for exceptional individuals who are interested in what’s going on in life, who are well-read, knowledgeable and feel that they can make a valuable contribution to local communities."

Call 01905 331932 for more information or to download an application form go to before Friday, August 8.