MOST stars like to be showered with roses or even knickers when performing to adoring crowds, but one Worcester singer got chucked a prosthetic leg while performing at Guilfest.

Tony James, otherwise known as Blobbie WIlliams, a "tubby" Robbie Williams impersonator, was mid-way through his performance of Angels at the Guildford festival when he saw Heather Best waved her leg at the front of the crowd.

Captured on video, which has gone viral, Tony can be heard saying, "Jesus, you’ve taken your leg off" before asking the 47-year-old to throw it to him as the chorus kicks into the song.

"I have had cakes, and sausage rolls thrown at me before being Blobbie Williams, but I've never had someone throw me a body part before," Tony said.

"I like to have people walk away from one of my shows talking about it the next day with something I did or said, but I really didn't expect to go worldwide.

"Winning the TV show Come Dine With Me a few years back certainly gave me some recognition and helped to put Worcester on the map, but having a leg thrown at me and the video going viral has far surpassed that. Maybe if someone wanted to make me a prosthetic leg made out of cake we could cover all my future needs."

Mrs Best lost her leg in 2010 as a result of an accident when she worked with horses, but said she will still dance whether she has one or two legs. Guilfest, which ran from Friday to Sunday, July 18 to 20, was her first festival since the accident.

"From what I've learned she really is an incredible lady and I'm looking forward to meeting up with her sometime in the future," Tony said.

"People are now asking if I now bring a prosthetic leg to the show with me - the answer is no."

The footage from the main stage of the festival was posted on YouTube on Tuesday, July 22, and has now been seen by almost 17,000 people as well as appearing on news sites such as Buzzfeed and The Mirror.

Tony performed alongside The Boomtown Rats, the Fun Lovin' Criminals, the Human League, Shane Ritchie and Katrina from Katrina and The Waves and will be appearing at Sunshine Festival as this year's host when it comes to Upton on Friday, August 22, until Sunday, August 24.