A FAMILY driving past Worcester on the M5 were left shaken after a rock was thrown off a bridge and bounced off the windscreen of their car.

Caroline and Craig Bradley were driving north to their Birmingham home just before midnight on Monday, July 28 with their two children – aged one and three – after a camping holiday in Somerset when the shocking incident happened.

Just after passing junction 7 for Whittington Road a rock was thrown from a bridge and hit the windscreen of the Vauxhall Zafira.

Mrs Bradley was driving at the time and said she and her husband, a nurse, were shocked by what had happened and said it was “a miracle” no one had been hurt.

“We had just gone past junction seven and had just driven under the third bridge when there was a load bang,” she said.

“My husband said it looked like a white breeze block. It’s a miracle it only bounced off really.

“My husband looked back and saw a figure on the bridge and called the police immediately.

“It was quite dark though so he couldn’t see much.”

The windscreen was not broken but a white residue was left on the glass.

Mrs Bradley, aged 33 and originally from Droitwich, said she and her husband, aged 31, were thankful they had not come off worse. “It was quite scary,” she said. “We were quite shaken up after we realised what had happened.

“Luckily the children slept through the whole thing.

“There’s a couple of chips in the windscreen but nothing worse.

“It’s amazing really.”

West Mercia Police have launched an investigation and have urged anyone who saw anything to call them on 101 quoting incident number 0898-s-280714.