LUCKY passengers on the train from London to Worcester on Thursday were stopped in their tracks as acoustic performer, Jack Savoretti, held an impromptu gig on the 9.50 First Great Western service.

The guitarist was in fact heading to the Lucky Wilderness festival near Charlbury Station.

He performed a selection of tracks including his new release Tie Me Down, providing a glimpse into his planned set for the festival this weekend.

Hundreds of festival goers, as well as stunned commuters, were lucky enough to witness the gig.

Savoretti said: “Wilderness is such a great festival and I am so excited to play this weekend. This gave me the perfect opportunity to warm up for the gig and the crowd on the train were great – everyone was really up for it.

“Music should be enjoyed anywhere and it’s great that people have been able to kick-start their summer festival experiences on the train with First Great Western’s Summer Tracks gigs.”

The performance is the third in First Great Western’s Summer Tracks campaign, a series of inspiring, surprise gigs taking place on trains and platforms on the Great Western network.

Gabrielle Aplin kicked off the campaign for Glastonbury Festival with an impromptu performance at London Paddington.

Philip Edgerton, head of marketing at First Great Western, added: "We believe the festival experience should begin as soon as you get on the train, and that’s what we wanted to encapsulate with our Summer Tracks campaign, helping you to get to great places and allowing the fun to begin the minute you start your journey."

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