THESE overhanging bushes and weeds are causing problems down a busy Worcester road - with a former council leader lambasting its appearance as "a mess".

Councillor Adrian Gregson says the bushes in Tunnel Hill have been so overgrown in recent weeks it's become "impossible" to walk down one stretch without taking to the road or having to wrestle the growth back with your hands.

He says the worst section has been a spot opposite the turn for Alders Close, claiming parents with buggies have had to take their prams around parked cars to get past.

Cllr Gregson, Labour group leader, said he contacted your Worcester News after becoming frustrated in his attempts to get it hacked down.

He first raised it with council officers at the start of June, and after our intervention staff were sent out again yesterday to cull a section of it back.

Cllr Gregson said: "The city council is responsible for hedgerows and making sure Worcester looks its best.

"There's been overhanging weeds and nettles for quite a while, and for people with a pram it's difficult to go into the road because there's so many parked cars down there.

"I first raised it at the start of June and the council said they'd look into it, they did come out and cut a little bit back but the overall maintenance has been quite poor.

"It looks a mess, and does make it dangerous if people try and get past by going into the road."

The council said following the criticism it was sending workers out to Tunnel Hill yesterday to cut some of the worst sections back.

A spokesman for the city council said: "We had staff on site on yesterday doing the necessary work to ensure this path is clear."

It follows complaints from councillors that Worcester Cemetery's grass had become overgrown in recent months.

The council's cleaner and greener department has launched an action plan for better maintenance at the Astwood Road site, saying wet weather encouraged some of the growth.