A ROMANIAN street dog with one eye and only three legs has found a loving home at last after her ordeal.

Tania and Eddy Morris of Church Road, Worcester, first heard about Ali (now called Peg) via a social media site and decided to help after a worldwide appeal went unanswered.

Tania Morris said: "An urgent worldwide appeal had gone out to find her a home as there had been absolutely no interest in her. After all, who would want a three-legged, one-eyed Romanian street dog? Well we did.

"Peg’s beginnings haven’t been great. From what we know, she was picked up off the streets in Timisoara, Romania by the dog catchers and impounded in the public shelter in Hundeoara. The conditions in the public shelter are extremely bad with no readily available food or water, no bedding and in filthy conditions. Many dogs are crammed in to small cages where dog fights are the norm. It’s a fight for survival. Peg was in a very poor condition and had lost a paw due to an injury. She was left in the public shelter with a bloody, infected stump and had a serious eye infection with no veterinary help. She was just 18 months old."

But Peg was spotted by ‘Angel Rescue & Rehome’ a private Romanian charity who do their best to save as many dogs as they can from awful conditions. They managed to take Peg out of the public shelter and from donations raised by the public, funded the medical treatment she desperately needed. Unfortunately as her paw and eye injuries had become so severe, one of her front legs had to be amputated to the shoulder and her eye removed.

An appeal for help went out on social media which was picked up Bridget Jamieson of Blind Dog UK, based in the UK.

The couple had recently lost their elderly dog and now had the space to rehome another rescue.

They had discussed taking on a dog with three legs or partially sighted dog before they saw the appeal and they contacted Blind Dog UK.

Mr Morris said: "The UK and Romanian charities have worked tirelessly around the clock in obtaining the necessary vaccinations, paperwork and transport space to bring Peg to us in Worcester as quickly as possible. Peg is booked onto transport to leave Romania on August 26 and will be arriving into Dover on August 28. She will spend 48 hours in a kennel in Essex to be assessed prior to us collecting her in Essex on August 30.

"We are currently appealing for donations of bedding, towels, food, bowls, leads, collars, worming and flea treatments which we will take with us when we collect Peg. All donations will go back with the transporters to Romania to help the other dogs and puppies who are in desperate need."

They have managed to gain support of Ambleside Veterinary Clinic and Pet Corner in Canada Way, Lower Wick, who have offered to be a drop off point for donations. The couple has also been in touch with West Mercia Police Dog Handling unit and contacted around 30 local business for support. Their aim is to fill their Freelander with donations ahead of the journey to pick up Peg.

If anyone can donate any of items contact Tania Morris via email at mijjandmojo@gmail.com.