A YOUNG woman who battles with constant pain is fundraising for a wheelchair she says will make a “huge difference” to her life.

Despite living with undiagnosed multiple sclerosis (MS), Annie Moore, aged 20, is studying for a degree in marine and freshwater biology at Aberystwyth University, and over the summer holidays has been trying to raise around £1,500 to buy an electric wheelchair.

Miss Moore, who grew up in Worcester, said her health started to deteriorate when she slipped two discs aged 18.

Following a successful operation to correct this she was involved in a car crash which left her with reduced mobility in both legs, which is made worse by the flare-ups of pain and other symptoms that come with MS.

The former Nunnery Wood High School pupil said: “I am currently in the system awaiting diagnosis but it is very slow and frustrating being on waiting-lists for so many different consultants.

“I am in constant pain, some days it’s so bad I can’t get out of bed, and other days it’s bearable and I can walk around and you wouldn’t know I was ill. Sadly, possibly due to a new course of medication, my hair started falling out so I shaved my head, which was hard.

“Everyone with MS gets different symptoms — mine include pain, blurred vision, a tight chest, dizziness and problems with numbness and sensation. They change all the time.”

Despite a constant struggle, Miss Moore worked at two part-time jobs around the university until she had to leave one, and has just returned from sick leave to her job at Iceland.

“I work hard and I’m finally doing my degree after having to delay it due to my health, but some days you don’t want to get out of bed.

"I’ve always raised money for charity too, so when I set up my Go Fund Me page for my wheelchair I was so touched by the amount of people from all around the world who donated.

"I’ve nearly raised the amount I need and it’s only been a month.

“The wheelchair means that on the days I would usually be stuck in bed unable to walk, I can get out and get active and see friends. Keeping fit has always been important to me so this will allow me to stay independent. Family and friends have been so supportive.”

To donate to Miss Moore, go to www.gofundme.com/ wheelsforfeels.