A WOMAN who was looking forward to celebrating a birthday doctors said she’d never reach was devastated to return from holiday to find her house had been ruined by fire.

Emma Dixon made headlines in your Worcester News when she was 10 years old, having had her first liver transplant after being born without a bile duct.

Twelve years ago she had her second transplant but doctors still said she would be lucky to make it to 30.

After planning a big 30th party and having gathered raffle prizes to raise money for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, she said she was “absolutely devastated”

to return home from a holiday two weeks ago to find a chip pan fire had spread throughout her shared house in Church Road, Worcester, making it unfit to live in.

“I have spent the last year especially scared and worried that I wouldn’t make it to 30. But I was determined to have a big party to celebrate a birthday I was told I would never see, and to raise money for the hospital which has helped me over the years,” Miss Dixon said.

“I had some lovely raffle and tombola prizes, I had gift vouchers, and the money to hire the DJ for the event. But it was all destroyed in the fire along with many of my possessions.

“Thankfully, firefighters saved my seven cats and my goldfish, but sadly one of the cats died three days ago from the effects of smoke inhalation. It has just been awful. I’ve been sofa-surfing since I came home and I’m waiting to have two hip replacements, so it’s been a nightmare.”

Miss Dixon said friends and family have helped replace the money to hire the DJ and some gifts, but she said if anyone had any gifts they wanted to donate they would be appreciated.

“I really wanted to do something good for the hospital but this has really made it hard. I’m still having my party in two weeks, so hopefully by then I’ll have enough to raise some money,” she added.

“Despite all of this, I feel so lucky to be alive and hugely grateful. I’m glad to be here to spend time with my family and partner, who have all been so supportive.”

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