VOLUNTEERS have banded together to take on a community project to transform unused stables into a location for everyone to enjoy gardening.

Headed by Transition Worcester, a volunteer organisation, people of all ages and backgrounds are getting their hands dirty in trying to achieve the transformation of the Old North Stables, near Pitchcroft, into a gardening site to be used by everyone.

Tony Kennell, chairman of Transition Worcester, says the ultimate goal is to get as many people gardening as possible now they have leased the land from Worcester City Council, and to use it as a site for people to learn about gardening too.

Mr Kennell, a keen gardener and former builder, said: " We are aiming to include as many people as possible in this project, and the ultimate aim is to get people gardening by hook or by crook.

"By using raised planting beds, this also makes it accessible to those people in wheelchairs.

"Once the land is in a fit state to be used, we are hoping to have a club atmosphere here. People can come one day a week, or some can people everyday of the week, it's really up to them. We want to provide a relaxed place for keen gardeners to come, or for people who want to learn about and get into gardening.

"There are all sort of people involved now, and ages, and we have had a lot of good feedback about this, with people saying they're supporting it, and that it's a good idea. This is a real community effort.

"It's a huge project to take on, we are building it from the ground up. Before we took this site on, it was abandoned and covered in concrete and brambles."

It is hoped the site will be ready to use by February next year.

M Kennell said: "By February next year it is hoped the site will be usable to people, but the site will never be finished, as we will constantly be upgrading, building and trying to make ideas a reality.

"We will never stop trying to develop this land, as there are real benefits to gardening. It's good for your health, and it also helps save the planet, even if only in small measures."

Transition Worcester are also fundraising to provide funding for materials such as manure, soil, a garden shed and other substantial materials.

So far, backers have pledged around £1,000. The target is £2,500.

To make a donation to Transition Worcester to help with the gardening project, or for more information on Transition Worcester, visit crowdfunder.co.uk/thestables

To join the volunteer group, email transitionworcester@gmail.com