My plan to walk Lands End to John O'Groats came about from the knowledge of impending unemployment last year, and saying I would like to do a few of the long distance paths. After much talking and considering the North Coast of Wales, Pembrokeshire Coast Path, and Offas Dyke we settled on the South West Coast Path, and so led to 3 of us going off down to Cornwall and doing part of this route from Newquay to Penzance.

I commented at the time that I was inclined to keep going and continue all the way around the coast of Britain. Realising the size of that task, I cut it down to Lands End to John O'Groats. I can't remember when it went from a bit of a woolly idea that I would like to do, to a definite goal and making plans.
So I'm now in the planning stage. I am going to walk from Lands End to John O'Groats with a Resusci Anne tied to the back of my rucksack. On route I am going to stop at Red Cross groups on route and take part in 2 hour "Save a Life" courses. Also hoping to blag accommodation as well, but if I can't I will be stopping at B&Bs and also have a tent for emergencies and remote stops. I am hoping to get a device for keeping my website and blog updated. Is there anyone that might like to sponsor me with such a device? :0)
I have a rough route planned so far to part way along the Pennine Way. This takes me through many towns and anyone that wishes to join me for any part of the route is more than welcome. For the local area I am stopping at Gloucester on the 9th April 2007, doing Gloucester to Tewkesbury - 10th April, Tewkesbury to Worcester - 11th April, Worcester - Stourport - 12th April, and a well deserved few days off before setting off again for Bridgenorth on the 16th. Thats the current plan anyway,
it is a bit flexible, but I have a deadline of the 14th April for a friends wedding.
All the details of my walk can be found at Island Odyssey.
If you wish to contact my email address is