What a contrast! Time and time again we see rugby (until relatively recently an amateur sport) excelling and setting standards in sport in terms of fairness and conduct. We have seen this season time and time again football bodies squabbling between themselves over the use of technology in the sport (used to great effect in both codes of rubgy) and in the end they did.....nothing!

Then we have the conduct of fans, almost immaculate in rugby union, compared to idiots who use football as an excuse to get drunk and wreck the local area (rangers fans in manchester).

We have had a season long debate about refereeing standards and respect for officals. For me the respect for officials has always been the big point of difference between the two sports. Rugby refs get a lot of respect, footballs overpaid over-rated players give refs a lot of stick...and get away with it!

Finally the two governing bodies the RFU and FA have showed an even greater contrast. FA have proved time and time again they do not like being challlenged by anyone and have shown bias towards big clubs (fergie gets away with slating refs with no explanation) . Then the respective finals of each sport....im a portsmouth fan and went to the FA cup final only 25000 tickets given to each set of fans. RFU showpiece event.....78000 of the 81000 tickets went to fans the remaining 3000 to corporate....Rugby can hold its head up high this season...football and the FA in particular have succeeded in showing contempt for fans and clubs alike