Something I have been looking forward to came to fruition this week – I was able to use my senior person’s railcard.

Now, I know this may not go off the Richter scale of excitement but I did get a certain thrill from getting a third off the rail fare, even if it was only to Birmingham and back.We took Joshua George ‘Billy’ Pledger on the train and he loved it to the extent that on the way back he insisted on having his own seat – well, he is 18 months old now and very independent.

I had forgotten how much hard work it is taking a nipper out for a day, with all the kit, and while he likes to walk a lot, it isn’t always that easy to let someone of his age loose in the big city You have to plan your route as well, such as when going through a major store. Try to avoid the toy department, unless you really want to buy something. We had tea and cakes on Malvern station before departing – we know how to live. It cost £3.10, and then we had the same in the Bull Ring for £6.60!

Have you got into the Olympics yet? I am a big sports fan – well, it’s my job really – but to be honest I have yet to get into the games. Maybe when the athletics get under way it will become more exciting. That is not to decry the superb efforts of our competitors in China. The dedication and hard work they have to put in is phenomenal.

I have not been able to take part in too much physical activity of late, having pulled a hamstring. It kept me out of the annual presidents’ day at Martley on Sunday, which turned out to be a fine game that we, the presidents’ team, lost by three runs. A good day out and thanks to everyone who came.

Off to Twickenham tomorrow for the Middlesex Sevens, the first real rugby of the season. The Warriors got to the final last year. It seems autumn is already creeping towards us. Last Saturday it was so wet and cold I actually put on the central heating for an hour – in the middle of August! Could be a long winter. It also rained off the last day of County’s game against Derbyshire but they look to be on the way to promotion – although there are still four games to go.

Off to Colchester next week for the game with Essex. The last time our commentary team were there they were stuck halfway up a tree and couldn’t see the pitch unless they stood on chairs – and even then could not see the scoreboard.

We went to Horsham for the Sussex v Worcestershire game two weeks ago, and while they there were very helpful, our commentary position was in a corridor between the bar and the gents’.

I did think about going on the train to Colchester, but it is a complicated route with a load of gear as well, and I don’t want to wear out my railcard too soon.

* Dave Bradley is the BBC Hereford and Worcester sports correspondent.