MONDAY morning, 5.15 and the alarm clangs into life. It’s that second or two when you think, “What day is it?” and even, “Where am I?”

In the shower and thinking what of the week ahead?

Monday: Work and a meeting.

Tuesday: Work and then Slimming World, and I have not been a good boy.

Wednesday: work and then... the annual Worcester city allotments and gardening awards, and suddenly the week seems brighter.

I know I have written of this even before in the Worcester News, but I do enjoy it. It’s very well-organised and it seems to be getting bigger and better every year. There are lots of awards and a very good talk by Joe Swift, whom I had never met before but is my sort of gardener.

Thursday: Work and then off to Heathrow as I’m going to Romania this weekend to cover the rugby on Sunday afternoon.

Now, I have never been there before so am looking to tick that one off the list. My good lady wife is tagging along and I’m told they don’t have some of the stores we have here so it should be a reasonably cheap weekend. While I expect the Warriors to win, I suspect it may be a bit tougher than last week in Italy.

Last weekend we had Joshua George, grandson, with us and he is great, as I have told you before, but boy is he tiring. We did the farm park and lots of other things and basically running up and down the garden seems to be a big thing with him at the moment. We were in bed for eight on Sunday night.

By the way, I don’t use this column too often to make a point, but parking in Worcester on Wednesday evening at six cost me £3.30, which I think is a bit much.

Why not free after six or seven?

Moan over.

By the way, I managed to get away with the weigh-in, mainly by running, biking and swimming, and going to bed early, because if you do that there is no temptation to put your hand in the fridge or the biscuit barrel.

Aren’t there some great colours on the leaves this autumn ?

Me and Wolfie were out and about the other day and some of the reds and yellows were brilliant. I am told it’s because of the wet summer, and the fact we haven’t had any really high winds recently.

Anyway got to nip off and get my Romanian currency, whatever it’s called, and some supplies.

My contact in Bucharest has asked me to take him some good old English tea and coffee, not that either of them are English, but from the local shops as it were, as he can’t get them out there.

Anyway we’ve got an early flight Monday so the alarm will be going off again.

* Dave Bradley is the BBC Hereford and Worcester sports correspondent.