DO you know what a Nintendo Wii is? Well, if not, it’s a game you play on your settee.

We got one this week and, believe me, it is addictive.

You can pay all sorts of things on it – tennis, bowling, boxing – and I believe we are getting some gismo that keeps you fit while watching the telly.

It just goes to show how far things have gone in recent years.

When I was a lad you used to play sport to keep fit but now it seems you can do it sat on your settee.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration as you do have to get up and move around, but I’m not sure how much benefit our dog would get out of it.

Does he want to go for walk or does he want to watch us playing games on the television?

Talking of television, I find it a bit strange that we seem to make more fuss about John Sergeant quitting Strictly Come Dancing than we do about such things as a massive oil tanker being hijacked on the open seas.

By the way, why is it called Strictly Come Dancing?

In my dictionary, strictly means precise and exact – surely the whole basis of the programme is that these people are not precise and exact.

It was a great win for the Warriors at Sale last Friday, a place where we always seem to do well.

It’s back to Sixways tonight for a game against the Falcons and I reckon the next few weeks will go a long way to shaping our season.

Before Christmas we’ve got Bristol at Sixways and a trip to Saracens, which is not my favourite ground.

If you are going tonight then get behind the team. Indeed, if you are watching any local team this weekend make sure you get behind them.

After tonight I think it’s a weekend of decorating – the big bedroom is being done. I don’t mind a bit of painting, even slapping some paper on the wall, but it’s all the preparation that gets me – stripping the old paper off and rubbing down the woodwork. It seems to be never ending, but there may have to breaks for certain sporting events on the telly tomorrow afternoon, I am allowed time off for good work.

Talking of sport, which it seems I do a lot, well done to Worcester Wolves basketball team.

They won at home for the first time this season against London Capitals and, as I have mentioned before, if you fancy a good night out, get yourself to the university.

It’s great fun even if you are not a basketball fan.

Let’s be honest, you won’t be watching the dancing now John has gone.