THERE is a show on TV at the moment called Taste the Nation, where chefs from different counties serve up their speciality dishes made from local ingredients. Now, I haven’t seen anyone from Worcestershire on the show, but if there were, what dish would you like to see them cook?

Worcestershire has a wealth of fantastic ingredients to offer – all of which are available at your local farmers’ market.

Although classic roast dishes aren’t perhaps as fashionable as some you might see on the show, we think you can’t go far wrong with one to show off the best the county has to offer.

Worcestershire Farmers’ Market chairman Henry Wormington said: “In these busy times it is a great idea to get family and friends over for a delicious roast dinner.

“If you buy your ingredients at a farmers’ market you can be sure of a fantastic meal that is full of flavour. And, of course, if you have bought your meat and veg locally, it is better for the environment as well.”

Get your meat joints from Rochford Country Meats, Vicarage Fruit Farm, Elmore Farm Foods, Larkin’s Family Meats, Golden Valley Organics or Eye Game Larder. And don’t forget, at the market the stallholder is probably the farmer or one of his family or staff, who will be pleased to help you choose the right cut.

Apart from the game, the other meats are traditionally reared on small farms using traditional methods. For example, Golden Valley Organics, who have a stall at tomorrow’s Royal Worcester Porcelain market, are proud that their meat is all organic. Of course, a roast is not just about the meat. For some of the best locally-grown potatoes, onions and carrots, go to the Styan’s Family Produce.

If you want crispy roast potatoes, they will take about an hour and 20 minutes (this depends on your oven, though).

If you are having lamb, poke holes all over the meat and insert thinly sliced garlic and rosemary.

Make enough holes to use two cloves of garlic – it will really add to the flavour.

You can also coat the skin with cranberry or redcurrant jelly before you roast it as well – the flavour of the lamb juices combines really well with the jelly.

Today’s farmers’ market is in Victoria Square, Droitwich, from 9am until 2pm.

Tomorrow’s market is at Royal Worcester Porcelain, from 10am until 2pm. Next Saturday’s market is in Bromsgrove High Street from 9am until 5pm. For more details, log on to