MANY families have their own traditions – things that they do together at particular times of the year, or places where they always go.

These often start with young children (who are often the ones who insist these traditions are upheld every year) and can continue for generations.

We have so many of these in my own family that, at times, barely a few weeks go by without another one turning up.

One of these is, of course, coming up next weekend – Mothering Sunday. It is for us, like so many other families in Britain, a time when my extended family meets up and enjoys a meal together. In a tradition dating back to the 16th century, mothers across the country will be treated by sons and daughters alike to visits, flowers, meals or presents, and made to feel extra special on the day.

If you head to today’s Worcestershire farmers’ market at St Peter’s Garden Centre, or next week’s markets in Droitwich and Worcester, you will be able to pick up some great presents for your mum, or help your children pick out something nice.

Check the Country Markets, Churches Bakery, 19 Gales and Hanley Swan Bakery stalls for delicious cakes that your mum is sure to enjoy.

Traditionally, simnel cakes were an annual Mothering Sunday treat. Young girls, often in service at larger homes, would make one to be taken home to their mothers on their day off.

They are round, light fruit cakes, cooked with marzipan in the middle. Then, after cooking, more marzipan is put on top with 11 balls of marzipan to represent the 11 apostles (Judas is omitted) – the whole is then grilled very lightly.

Roast lamb is another Mothering Sunday tradition – there are a number of quality lamb producers at your Worcestershire farmers’ markets, so take a stroll around the stalls and see what you would like. Cook it well and enjoy the special celebration.

Today’s farmers’ market is at St Peter’s Garden Centre, at Broomhall, near Worcester, from 9.30am until 2pm. Next weekend’s markets are in Victoria Square, Droitwich, from 9am until 2pm on Saturday, April 2, and in Angel Place, Worcester, from 9am until 3pm on Sunday, April 3.