It’s time to part company if you want more plants

Worcester News: SPLITTING UP: Plants such as peonies, above, and delphiniums, below, can be propagated by being divided.

2:23pm Wednesday 23rd October 2013

Want to increase your stock of plants? Division may be the best way to multiply, says HANNAH STEPHENSON

There’s lots of colour this autumn, so don’t be blue

Worcester News: BEAUTIFUL: Acer Palmatum ‘bloodgood’ has vivid red leaves.

11:29am Monday 7th October 2013

As autumn leaves begin to change colour, HANNAH STEPHENSON admires the Japanese maple, with its spectacular foliage which can range from orange and yellow to burgundy and everything in between

Getting to the core of why you’ve had a poor crop

Worcester News: The core of apple problems

10:34am Monday 30th September 2013

As visitors crunch their way through ‘Apple Day’ events this October, HANNAH STEPHENSON looks at some problems encountered by the few who haven’t had a bumper harvest

Gardening is great therapy for dementia sufferers

Worcester News: Gardening is great therapy for dementia sufferers

2:55pm Wednesday 25th September 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON discovers how horticultural therapy could help to alleviate the plight of people with dementia – and their carers – and finds the best advice on how to get the best results

When the heat is on, don’t lose your cool in the garden

Worcester News: ATTRACTIVE: Drought resistant plants such as catmint can still bring plenty of bright colour to the garden.

9:04am Monday 5th August 2013

As the temperatures stay at their dizzying heights, there are plenty of ways to make sure your water consumption doesn’t send your bills rocketing too. HANNAH STEPHENSON reports

Don’t forget your garden when you go on your hols

Worcester News: WATER: There are all sorts of measures you can take to keep your garden looking lovely this summer.

3:37pm Monday 22nd July 2013

As you soak up the sun,make sure that your plants are well looked after at home. HANNAH STEPHENSON has a few top tips on how to ensure they survive without you

Joanna’s all of a flutter over her latest cause

Worcester News: Joanna’s all of a flutter over her latest cause

2:45pm Tuesday 9th July 2013

Popular actress and campaigner Joanna Lumley is highlighting the plight of butterflies – and advises us on what we can all do to encourage the pretty insects into our gardens and stop their decline

Getting ready for fun at annual event

Worcester News: Getting ready for fun at annual event

10:45am Monday 17th June 2013

Green-fingered or not, there’s something for everyone at the City of Worcester Flower Show

Red and yellow and pink and green...

Worcester News: COLOUR ME HAPPY: Examples of strongly coloured plants, which can have an impact on your mood. R

8:47am Monday 10th June 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON examines how colour in the garden can affect your mood

Get on your bike for father’s day gifts

Worcester News: PRESENT AND CORRECT: Woodland Wilf Born to be Wild gnome

3:50pm Tuesday 4th June 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON rounds up some of the best ideas for green-fingered dads on June 16

Experts returning to judge flower show

Worcester News: EYE FOR DETAIL: Andy Allen and Bill Simpson return as judges for the 2013 City of Worcester Flower Show.

8:43am Monday 20th May 2013

Work is already going on behind the scenes for Worcester’s eighth annual event later this summer

A wing and a prayer

Worcester News: BEE WISE: Putting certain plants in your garden can encourage and nourish bees and help them survive.

11:38am Tuesday 7th May 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON says there are plenty of ways to help our dwindling bees

Swedish simplicity

Worcester News: SHARP LINES: One of the designs by award-winner Ulf Nordfjell.

2:42pm Monday 29th April 2013

Designer ULF NORDFJELL talks about the structure behind his award-winning gardens

Spring into action

Worcester News: Boost your lawn this spring

11:39am Thursday 25th April 2013

There’s still time to give your lawn a boost after the brutally cold start to the season, says HANNAH STEPHENSON

Time to grow

Worcester News: BEAN THERE: Cleve West says it’s not unusual to clock up a 12-hour day.

10:27am Monday 15th April 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON meets award-winning garden designer Cleve West, who admits he’s been neglecting his allotment

Prettiest patios

Worcester News: RAIN-TOLERANT: The Pelargonium ‘Pacific Black Knight’ will continue to flower throughout the summer.

9:10am Monday 8th April 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON has some top tips for container planting and the best displays this season

Prune for perfection

Worcester News: TIME TO GET SNIPPING: Rose bushes need to be trimmed into a neat and tidy shape for the nicest flowers.

10:50am Monday 25th March 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON says now might be the time to pay attention to your roses for the best blooms later this year

Sowing the seeds

Worcester News: MAKING THE CUT: Your lawn could be looking like a bowling green.

3:18pm Tuesday 19th March 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON has some top tips for a luscious lawn this summer

Contain yourself

Worcester News: Contain yourself

10:36am Monday 11th March 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON talks to The One Show’s gardening expert about patio planting

Keep mum happy

Worcester News: NOTHING SAYS ‘I LOVE YOU MUM’ LIKE A HEDGE TRIMMER: Splash out on a great gift this Mother’s Day

2:41pm Monday 4th March 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON has a round-up of the best gardening gifts on the market

Hedging your bets

Worcester News: IT’S A SNIP: Beginners of topiary should start with a simple box ball or bay pyramid that has already been trained to shape and keep it that way by trimming it. Topiary can add interest to your garden all year round.

9:13am Monday 25th February 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON says topiary is a dead cert when it comes to formal gardens

Gardening leave

2:47pm Monday 18th February 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON explores special breaks for green-fingered holidaymakers

Growing inspiration

Worcester News: Grow Your Own Crops In Pots by Kay Maguire

10:13am Monday 11th February 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON leafs through the best of the books offering ideas for spring

Love is all around

Worcester News: ARCH FRIEND: Climbing roses on an archway create a touch of romance

2:53pm Monday 4th February 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON on a romantic garden which will last a lot longer than a bunch of flowers

Outside help

Worcester News: YOU CAN HELP: The cold snap has left some birds struggling for food.

11:01am Tuesday 29th January 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON examines what’s on offer for bird-tables and feeders

Rising damp

Worcester News: WASTED: How blight affects the stem, leaves and tuber.

11:48am Monday 21st January 2013

Persistent wet weather is threatening rare potato varieties. HANNAH STEPHENSON reports

Protect against disease

Worcester News: SAVED: A mature ash tree in woodland in Studley, Warwickshire.

3:46pm Monday 14th January 2013

HANNAH STEPHENSON offers gardeners a guide to ash dieback

Time to plan ahead

Worcester News: WINDING: A garden path doesn’t have to be in a straight line.

12:43pm Monday 7th January 2013

Gather ideas and start designing your perfect garden, says HANNAH STEPHENSON

Keeping it real

Worcester News: CROP: According to a Which? report, less than one in five of us will have a real Christmas tree this year.

10:59am Monday 3rd December 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON says the right tree can make all the difference at Christmas

Gardening gifts

Worcester News: PERSONAL: A novelty kneepad.

9:32am Monday 26th November 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON takes a look at the presents to suit all budgets

Berry nice for birds

Worcester News: HUNGRY: Berries are fuel for birds.

10:25am Monday 29th October 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON offers top tips on the best plants to provide food for the winter

Love your leaves

Worcester News: GOOD: Recycle leaves to boost soil

3:32pm Monday 22nd October 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON shows how to make good use of fallen leaves in your garden

It’s all Wong

Worcester News: FIERY: Wasabi roots.

8:40am Monday 8th October 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON talks to urban gardener James Wong

Golden brown

Worcester News: FIERY: The beautiful Japanese maple.

2:17pm Monday 1st October 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON says this year’s weather will lead to a stunning display of autumn foliage

Storage solutions

Worcester News: HARVEST: It’s time to think about how to store your crops.

8:41am Tuesday 25th September 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON offers some top tips so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour

Colour combos

Worcester News: PRETTY: Colourful autumn garden.

9:48am Monday 17th September 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON brightens up winter with plants to perk up dull days

The best bulbs

Worcester News: STRIKING: T. ‘black Jack’ variety.

11:00am Saturday 8th September 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON tests new varieties of daffodils and tulips

Plan your planting

Worcester News: STUNNING: Queen of Night tulips.

11:22am Tuesday 28th August 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON says now is the time to think about spring bulbs for your pots

Late bloomers

Worcester News: Enjoy some late summer scorchers

10:34am Monday 20th August 2012

Late bloomers HANNAH STEPHENSON looks at plants to bring some colour at the end of the summer

Green and clean

Worcester News: CLEAR: Maintenance is important.

2:09pm Monday 13th August 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON says it’s time to make sure your greenhouse is spick and span

Don’t lose the plot

9:00am Monday 6th August 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON reports on the campaign to continue to grow your own

Blooming lovely

Worcester News: North Worcestershire Fuchsia Society

8:21am Monday 30th July 2012

We take a look at societies showing at the City of Worcester Flower Show

Nail those snails

Worcester News: ENEMY: A snail munches on a leaf

8:30am Monday 16th July 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON looks at ways to contain rain-loving garden pests

Garden thugs

9:05am Monday 2nd July 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON asks Alan Titchmarsh how to combat Japanese knotweed

Get growing

Worcester News: Get growing

12:41pm Monday 25th June 2012

Gardeners of all ages are being encouraged to take part in this year’s flower show

Glorious gardens open in name of charity

10:20am Monday 18th June 2012

TWO Worcestershire gardens, including the rolling acres of the Capability Brown-designed Croome Park and a rather more modest, but equally attractive private house plot in Worcester, are opening for the National Gardening Scheme.

Be a butterfly booster

Worcester News: BATTLE: Butterflies need our help.

9:09am Monday 18th June 2012

HANNAH STEPHENSON talks to a conservation expert about how we can help the beautiful garden visitors

Lovely lavender

Worcester News: Lovely lavender

10:43am Monday 28th May 2012

This versatile plant is at home in many gardens, says HANNAH STEPHENSON

Something fishy

Worcester News: TRANQUIL: Koi swimming in a pond.

8:46am Monday 21st May 2012

Fish can provide extra character to a pond, says HANNAH STEPHENSON

A year in the life

Worcester News: PINK: Roses are a romantic touch

2:57pm Monday 14th May 2012

Our gardens shouldn’t just be for the summer, says HANNAH STEPHENSON

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