THERE is a burning question in our house at the moment.

Should we have given in to our son’s demands to paint his new bedroom bright red?

In fact it is ‘flame red’ but it could more accurately have been called fire engine red.

As in Fireman Sam’s fire engine.

Some have already questioned our wisdom.

The comments have ranged from ‘Red?’, accompanied by half-raised eyebrows, to ‘What happens when he doesn’t like Fireman Sam anymore?’ That time will surely come but I cannot let myself think about that.

So we’ve also succumbed to the Fireman Sam curtains, duvet cover and perhaps the most drastic of the lot – character stickers on the wall.

If it sounds like a mistake to you, all I can say is: have you tried saying no to a three-year-old recently?

I did suggest that blue might be more calming but he was in no mood to listen.

Obviously we are not completely stupid and have taken some steps towards damage limitation.

So only one wall is red and it’s the one that doesn’t greet you immediately when you walk into the room.

And the stickers, which I hope turn out to be removable, were surely a better option that the entire wall mural that we could have bought.

In the end, the colour of the paint was less of an issue than the texture.

The top of the wall is smooth and glossy – thanks to Daddy. The middle – Mummy’s domain – is slightly imperfect.

The bottom of the wall is patchy with clumps of thick swirls. You can guess who did that bit.

The same person who splodged it on the carpet, wiped red along the white skirting boards and got it all over his clothes and in his hair.

Again, it would probably have been wiser to have said no to his help.

Why didn’t we? I can only say art sometimes imitates life.

Take Munch’s iconic picture the Scream which has been in the news of late.

I can’t say I like the picture but it was interesting to hear the background to it.

Apparently the contorted face is not of a person screaming, but of a person listening to a scream.

Red features heavily in the picture so I can only think Munch painted it after saying no to a similar request.